A Note From ODC Theater Director, Christy Bolingbroke

Christy Bolingbroke, ODC Theater Director. Photo by Meg Messina.

Christy Bolingbroke, ODC Theater Director. Photo by Meg Messina.

Viewing many performances a year at our own space, around the Bay Area, and across the country, I consider myself lucky. I get to satisfy my omnivorous appetite for art and all these different experiences. I don’t expect masterpieces across the board. But each artist shows or gives me something that will inform how I see and how I watch my next show.

When announcing that we will have a Writer in Residence at ODC, most people responded with, “Great, but what does that mean?”

This reminds me of a similar question that looms in the air at arts performances. So I say to both questions, art isn’t about defining meaning, but about sparking dialogue. Rather than just talk about the who, what, where, and when, with Julie Potter as our Writer in Residence, I’m excited to talk about the “how.” How does a dance artist make work? How does that work relate to artists making work elsewhere? How does dance inform or relate to everyday culture?  How do we talk about dance – an artform that transcends words? And even if you aren’t fluent in dance, let your thinking find its way into our space. This is just as much a thinking space for you.

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